Natassha in a Nutshell

My skills include performing data analysis and visualization in Python. I can derive and communicate insights from complex datasets using analytic tools and programming languages. I also work on making predictive models using supervised machine learning techniques, and have a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics.

I enjoy writing, which I do occasionally to share insights and communicate my data science projects to the world. You can take a look at some of my blog posts below, which tell data stories around the projects I have created.

I am currently working in the field of analytics, and most of my work is based on providing data insights to clients. I have worked on customer segmentation, building consumer personas, and data analysis/visualization projects at my workplace. Along the way, I have acquired new skills in using tools like AWS, and languages like Pyspark. A person who always strives for excellence, I go to every length to ensure that every project I work on is seen to the end.

I am also currently studying computer science and I major in data science. Every semester, I get a Dean’s list award for academic excellence.

I write for some of the top Medium publications, and have recently achieved the title of “Top Writer” in artificial intelligence. Apart from that, I also write data science and technical articles for a magazine led by a very creative and passionate team of young adults. Through my writing, I aim to open the black box of technology, and demystify the field of data science.

Projects & Publications

The Bechdel Test: Analyzing Gender Disparity in Hollywood

In this project, I collected data from multiple different sources to analyze gender disparity in Hollywood. The project was based on the Bechdel Test, a measure of female representation in Hollywood.

Skills demonstrated: Python, EDA, data collection, data wrangling, data visualization

Publication: Towards Data Science

The Framingham Heart Study: Decision Trees

In this project, I analyzed data that was used in the Framingham Heart Study, and visualized the risk factors of heart disease. Then, I built a machine learning pipeline with decision trees to predict the ten year risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

Skills demonstrated: Python, ML algorithms, EDA, data visualization

Publication: The Startup

The Gender Gap in Data Science: Data Visualization

In this project, I used a dataset from Kaggle's data science in survey to visualize female representation in the tech sector.

Skills demonstrated: Python, EDA, data visualization

Publication: Better Programming

Web Scraping to Find the Best DS Online Courses

In this project, I built a web scraper in Python to collect data from an online course review site. I then conducted some EDA on this data to find some of the best data science courses based on user reviews.

Skills demonstrated: Web Scraping, Python, EDA, data visualization

Publication: Data Driven Investor

Deep learning - Harry Potter Personality Prediction

In this project, I created a Fastai model for text classification using an MBTI personality prediction dataset. I used these predictions to create a Harry Potter character classification model. Finally, I created a front-end interface for the model using Dash. (Note: The Dash app might take a while to load because it was deployed directly from a remote server.)

Skills demonstrated: Python, Dash, deep learning

Publication: Towards Data Science

End-to-end Movie Project

In this project, I built a movie recommender system that takes in user input and comes up with movie suggestions for you to watch. I also created a movie dashboard using data from multiple sources, and you can find movie information such as reviews and release year. Finally, I created a web-page with the project description, dashboard, and recommender system.

Skills demonstrated: Front-end design, Python, data collection, machine learning, data analysis, data visualization

Publication: Towards Data Science

Courses & Certificates


Beginner Guide to Data Visualization in Python

In this tutorial, I used a beginner Kaggle dataset to explain data visualization in Python. It is a step by step guide with explanation on good visualization practices, along with code demonstrations for each concept explained.

Publication: Towards Data Science

Tableau Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, I explain the basics of data visualization in Tableau. I start with an explanation on how to install the software, and take the reader through basic visualization techniques in Tableau. I used the Kaggle Titanic dataset for this tutorial.

Publication: Data Driven Investor

How to Create a Data Science Portfolio Website

Here, I explain how data scientists can create a portfolio website from scratch using languages such as HTML and CSS.

Publication: Towards Data Science